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Tierra del Fuego

One of the major attractions near Ushuaia is Tierra del Fuego National Park Founded in 1960, this park is located on the Argentina-Chile border, at the southern end of the Andes mountain range.  I can’t do the park justice, in words or in photographs. It’s a beautiful place, even during the chilly, drizzly time we [...]
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Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia, [oo-SWY-yah] for the first half of the 20th century was a penal colony, with activities centered around a large prison.  The building that served as the prison until 1947 now houses the Prison Museum, a Maritime Museum, an Art Museum, Museo del Fin del Mundo, and of course the requisite gift shops.  While the [...]
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On the Road (& On the Water) Again……..

We hit the road again today. Since I’m not even close to being fluent in Spanish, and since I’m not completely convinced that anyone really knows how this bus system works, I’m a little anxious about this part of the trip. We have lots of connections to make today (no straight answer on exactly how [...]
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Next stop: Chile.  We took a bus from El Calafate to Puerto Natales, Chile. Crossing the border took some time, since we had to unload everything from the bus to go through customs. From our experience, the Chilean border guards were a lot stricter on the rules than the Argentinean guards. Walking from the bus [...]
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Perito Moreno Glacier

After Bariloche we flew to the small town of El Calafate, Argentina. It’s main tourist attraction is it’s access to, among other natural wonders,  the Perito Moreno Glacier, which is why this stop was on our itinerary. Here’s our first glimpse of the glacier, taken through the bus window. See the ice dam across the [...]
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Museum of Patagonia

In downtown San Carlos de Bariloche we found the Museum of Patagonia:  a regional museum containing information associated with the Patagonian environment, the aboriginal population, the history of the territories and their conquest. No matter where I am, I’m always attracted to grids. The patchwork grids decorating the backside of these animal hides are no exception. [...]
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San Carlos de Bariloche

Buses are a major form of transportation in parts in Argentina. We booked our bus ticket from Neuquen to San Carlos de Bariloche and settled in for a comfortable ride. It was a great opportunity to enjoy the lunch we were served, drink some coffee, listen to my iPod, crochet, and watch the scenery change. [...]
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My daughter did some research while we were planning our trip to Argentina and she read about several paleontological sites. Apparently, Patagonia is one of the richest places for fossils in the world and it still harbors a wealth of treasures. According to the info we received, the province of Neuquen in particular has become [...]
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La Recoleta Cemetery (Part 2)

OK, so if you stopped by yesterday you already know how much I enjoyed my short time at La Recoleta Cemetery. Please indulge me while I share a few more of my favorite photos with you. I think this particular structure is incredibly quilt-like. What a wonderful grid! Thanks for letting me share these photos [...]
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Buenos Aires, Argentina

A morning ferry ride back across the Rio de la Plata and we’re back in Buenos Aires, Argentina, We only have a couple of hours before we have to be at the airport, so we went right to the La Recoleta Cemetery. Let me just say that as a person who loves doors and windows and [...]
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