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Sydney Australia

From Brisbane we went north to the Great Barrier Reef and did some scuba diving. Right now the only photo I can find is this one of part of the reef from the airplane on our way into Cairns. Probably best that I can’t find one of me in scuba gear anyway; it’s not necessarily [...]
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Brisbane, Australia

We flew from New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane is a great city, developed around the Brisbane River,  which was great fun to see from the air.  I usually have a great sense of direction, even in places I’ve never been; I inherited it from my Dad. But, I don’t think I would ever have a [...]
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New Zealand

Finally. I’m sorting photos from our recent travels. It was a fantastic trip, and I’ll admit it, re-entry into my “normal” life has taken me longer than I expected. Whether it’s the incredible heat that hit our area once we got home, whether it was the overwhelming “stuff” I needed to catch up on, or [...]
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