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Swimming With Turtles

Just for fun – life’s not always all about the fiber – - take a deep breath and enjoy! ETA: yes, that is me in the video.
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Wool Combs

Two days ago I became slightly obsessed with learning about wool combs. Yesterday I borrowed a set of English combs from a fiber friend. I washed up a small quantity of Blue Faced Leicester fiber. Note: click photos to see more detail. I put it on one of the combs, which is clamped down to [...]
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Learning New Things

I love to learn or experience new things. New processes, new projects, new challenges, new ways of looking at things. In addition to striving to be a better spinner, today I learned how to create a photo collage. This was my first attempt at spinning yarn to knit myself some socks. I think the yarn [...]
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One of the Joys

One of the joys of having kids old enough to live away from home, is that we get to go visit them at their place! Yesterday we went to visit our daughter, help her with some things around her apartment, take her to lunch, all fun stuff. Here was the scene as our newly rescued [...]
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Lemon Lime

Fresh off the spinning wheel: Green in all it’s forms has long been a favorite color of mine. Seeing this yarn drying while it hung from a tree in the backyard made it really obvious to me why these batts came home with me earlier this year. Fresh springy greens are fabulous! I’ve been trying [...]
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A Slippery Slope

A very slippery slope I’m on……..I started learning to spin last November. Within a month, I was a multi-wheel owner. Now I own a drum carder (love it) and today worked on processing my first raw fleece. I never thought I’d be washing and carding raw fleece…….. but I have photos to prove that I [...]
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