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Fibery Intentions for 2014

I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to approach my fiber crafting next year. I would love to have ended 2013 with no WIPs and started 2014 with a clean slate full of cast on potential but that didn’t exactly happen….. I’m planning to focus in January on finishing up those projects I set aside [...]
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The creative potential of yarn

When I saw this video (it’s not my work) I was inspired to share it with you. I’ve been playing with yarn for quite a while now. Knitting it since I was a child Crocheting it since as early as I can remember Learning to spin my own in late 2008 There is so much [...]
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Mushrooms & Walnuts & Goldenrod, Oh My!

I’ve been having a blast experimenting with natural dyes lately. I say experimenting, but actually it’s more like playing really. Having a blast and enjoying everything about it, from the collecting of the plant materials, to the extracting of the color, to the surprise of what colors I get versus what color(s) I expected to [...]
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No longer afraid of the pressure cooker

I’ve spent the last 4 days with my Mom and my sister. We’ve canned 153 jars of Yummy goodness, including this applesauce. After 153 jars and 4 days I can honestly say I no longer fear the pressure cooker.
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Cotton. No longer King of the South, but it’s definitely still grown here. I wish I had confidence that this lovely boll would be completely processed here in the U.S. after it’s harvested. Maybe I’ll just stay living in this bubble for a little while longer. Along with the dream that it’ll all be dyed [...]
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New projects

We have a road trip coming up this weekend. I don’t know what it is about traveling, but I always feel that a trip deserves a new “portable” project. Anyone else treat travel that way? It certainly isn’t as though I don’t have works in progress that I can take (and I will), but there’s [...]
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I’m starting to organize my studio…… yet again. Today’s progress was organizing my DPNs (double pointed needles). My Mom gifted me with a planter she received as a gift when I was born. Ironically, I started college as a music/piano major & finished as a horticulture major. The repurposing of the planter & the organization [...]
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Spinning Retreat

I’ve been working for several months on pulling together the details for hosting a spinning retreat. This time last year I was a brand new spinner and traveled to the panhandle of Florida for the opportunity to spend the weekend with other spinners. I had a blast, but 10 hours (one way) on the road [...]
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Walk, Work, Walk, Repeat

My week in less than a nutshell: Chapter 1: Walk the Dog Go To Work Walk the Dog Sleep Chapter 2: Walk the Dog Go To Work Walk the Dog Sleep Chapter 3: Walk the Dog Go To Work Walk the Dog Sleep Chapter 4 (the one with the exciting story line): Walk the Dog [...]
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A Day on the Farm

Yesterday I got to spend part of the day at Farm Fest at Rising Meadow Farm. I had been to this farm in the spring for sheep shearing day and got an email a couple of weeks ago about their fall festival. There were alpacas visiting from a nearby farm. We got to see someone [...]
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