Mushrooms & Walnuts & Goldenrod, Oh My!

I’ve been having a blast experimenting with natural dyes lately. I say experimenting, but actually it’s more like playing really. Having a blast and enjoying everything about it, from the collecting of the plant materials, to the extracting of the color, to the surprise of what colors I get versus what color(s) I expected to get. Wanted to quickly share some of the results of my dyebaths.

First up? Mushrooms – A Bolete to be more precise. Which Bolete one might ask? I have no idea & won’t pretend that I do. But see the interesting underside of this one? So cool. And watch what happens in the next photo.

Well, would you look at that! In the dyebath, those spongy tubes pretty much stick together. Icky and awesome all at the same time!

All of these mini hanks on the were dyed with mushrooms, the yellows and greens on the right were dyed with the Boletes, the 5 mini hanks on the left were dyed with dried mushrooms – a miscellaneous mix that I collected a while back and didn’t do a good job of labeling. Some were dipped in a copper sulfate bath after dyeing.

I’ll upload my walnut and goldenrod dyed yarns when I can – stay tuned!

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  1. Posted June 15, 2011 at 11:40 am | Permalink

    Beautiful photos.

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I replied privately but it bounced back.

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