A brag on my boy-man-child

OK, so I hope you understand. I can’t resist the opportunity to brag a bit on my boy-man-child.
You see, he just started college this fall. That’s not what I’m bragging about, (though we’re mighty proud of how he’s doing). What I’m bragging about is that he had one of his photograph’s accepted into a gallery in Charleston, SC and that he’s built himself a website that showcases some of his best work to date.

If you are interested in some really interesting photos, taken from the unique perspective of a budding young photographer & web guru, take a few minutes, try not to hold your breath (you’ll be tempted), and let me know what you think of ‘my boy’s’ talents. Here’s his website link. I’m so looking forward to seeing what he does with his future.
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Can't say I didn't warn you

So it turns out that a dog + goose poop = a nasty smelling green dog in need of several baths. I feel a responsibility to tell you that.

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College, Alaska & The New Job

During the past three weeks, I have:
1. Watched our son move away to college. With three weeks of perspective, I can tell you that we are all adjusting & he seems quite happy. It’s good to know we’ve done our job to this point and he is adapting well on his own.
2. Both my husband and I visited our 50th state. Knowing the boy-man-child move to college was looming, we planned for some distraction and spent an incredible two weeks in Alaska. A few photos for proof. I left these photos large, so you can click on them and get a larger image.

We saw glaciers. Lots of them. Glacier Bay must certainly be one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’m so grateful that it is a National Park and will be protected.

My lightweight traveling spinning wheel (a Majacraft Little Gem) joined me on the trip. It was an incredible place to spin!
We went hiking near Mt. McKinley in Denali State Park.
We went kayaking on Byers Lake. We had the lake, the view, the loons and the sockeye salmon all to ourselves. Fabulous doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The experience is already fading a bit. Hopefully the photographs will help bring it all back on demand……
3. I started a new full-time job right after the Alaskan vacation. It’s a government job, and I’m not allowed to show you a photograph of my office, but I survived the first week. I remember the first names of all my co-workers and their job titles. Mine also…….. it was a good week and I’m looking forward to the new challenges.
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The Black Hole of Digital Photos

I was looking through some of my digital photos today, searching for a particular photo.
No, I didn’t find it, but thanks for asking…….
Instead I came across these photos from Guanujuato Mexico that I took
last fall when I was visiting our daughter.
She spent a semester there.
I spent a long weekend.

It was a nice town. I enjoyed my time there, but I suspect that’s mostly because I was with my girl and she speaks the language.

Back to the black hole of digital photo files. Has anyone figured out a way to get a handle on these things????? If so, please share some tips before I get so far into the hole I can’t find my way out!
ETA: I left these photos large, so you can click on them and see lots of detail. Enjoy!
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Does Size Really Matter?

My intent was to make myself a largish knitting bag. I followed the pattern instructions completely. Well, except for doubling the yarn as I knit it and using size 15 needles instead of size 11. Oh, and using a completely different yarn than the pattern calls for. Other than that, honestly, I followed the instructions completely.

So now to seam the sides, add an i-cord edge at the top, felt it (here’s where the bag might breathe new life) and then figure out what kind of handles to put on it that won’t completely fail when I try to pick the bag up. Stay tuned. It’ll either be a fabulous bag, or I’ll be able to smuggle Rhode Island through airport security.
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Swimming With Turtles

Just for fun – life’s not always all about the fiber –
- take a deep breath and enjoy!
ETA: yes, that is me in the video.

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Wool Combs

Two days ago I became slightly obsessed with learning about wool combs.
Yesterday I borrowed a set of English combs from a fiber friend.
I washed up a small quantity of Blue Faced Leicester fiber. Note: click photos to see more detail.
I put it on one of the combs, which is clamped down to a workbench. Doesn’t look too promising at this point.
I started combing, using what I had learned from this great YouTube video. Oh my, what a transformation!
I am completely smitten with this tiny nest of combed wool BFL top. My heart is beating faster just looking at the photo……..

I think owning a set of wool combs must be in my fiber future……..
If you own a set of combs, I’d love to hear what you like and don’t like about them – there are so many different types available. Also, since I’ll be shopping for my own set of combs, please share any advice on that as well. Thanks!
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Learning New Things

I love to learn or experience new things. New processes, new projects, new challenges, new ways of looking at things.

In addition to striving to be a better spinner, today I learned how to create a photo collage.

This was my first attempt at spinning yarn to knit myself some socks.
I think the yarn agrees that this is a good plan, since I already caught the
woolly goodness inside my boots heading for the woods.
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One of the Joys

One of the joys of having kids old enough to live away from home, is that we get to go visit them at their place!
Yesterday we went to visit our daughter, help her with some things around her apartment, take her to lunch, all fun stuff. Here was the scene as our newly rescued dog Blu met our daughter’s newly rescued kitten Sylvie.

We were amazed how well it went.
Looks like we’ll be able to visit anytime we’d like
as far as the pets are concerned.
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Lemon Lime

Fresh off the spinning wheel:

Green in all it’s forms has long been a favorite color of mine. Seeing this yarn drying while it hung from a tree in the backyard made it really obvious to me why these batts came home with me earlier this year. Fresh springy greens are fabulous!
I’ve been trying to be relatively stationary today. Our newly adopted dog is supposed to stay calm and as inactive as possible for several days, and since she loves to follow me everywhere I go, I’m trying to make it easier for her to be still. More spinning in my near future I think while she’s working on getting healthy.
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